Halo 4 Fotus Armor Code please

Hello, I have been looking for Fotus Armor for a long time now & havn’t had any luck. If anyone would be willing to give me a code tnx!

Wait what just happened?

Please don’t ask for codes, additionally you shouldn’t be leaving your email in forum posts.

As for the codes themselves, the people with extra ones typically sold them on Ebay for money long ago, it is highly unlikely you’ll find somebody willing to just give theirs away for free.

OP, it is against rules to ask for codes on these forums like BWO mentioned. In addition, the text you have is way too big to see.

However, you can tune to my Scavenger Hunt Thread below in my signature. There I drop free codes, including the FOTUS. Just a recommendation, if you don’t want to spend money on it.

Couple things here -

  1. Holy font Batman. No need to use font that big. O_O

  2. Soliciting is not allowed, sorry.