Halo 4 Forum Spam

After the next 24 hours which do you think will be the most complained about?
I predict the “possible xp cap and how the LE wasn’t worth it” kind of topics.

I don’t care because I won’t be here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Armour abilities, and people asking stupid “How do I do this” questions

wont matter i probably wont come back for a few days :wink:



The Trolling is Strong with this one.



And since everyone on this forum likes Halo, your opinion is taken like a grain of salt.

I think there will be complaining about the game being too good. There will be many thank yous to 343.

Anyone think there will be server issues?

I won’t be on the forums either. Though i will predict the following:

343 breaks canon! insert reason why

Wow that story was so lame

Where’s mah ranked 343?

Halo Reach was such a better game than Halo 4 (this will happen at least once LOL)

The MP isn’t competitive; no incentive to try.

That’s it; i am going to BO II!

343 has ruined MY Halo rant inside

None of these maps are as good as Lockout. 343 is just a bunch of casual noobs with a lot of money to make video games…


The entire game sucks! 343 i want my money back!

Spartan Ops is so bad; Arcade Fight was so much better.

“How duz i getz teh raiderz armerz? howz? can i plez haz it? and can i haz teh fotuz to?can i plez plez plez haz it 343? plez 343?”

im gonna go ahead and go with people complaining about ranks not being reset on day 1

What bothers me most are the obnoxious complaints about people apparently complaining.

We will get at least one thread with the title: “PREORDER CANCELED!”

Probably a bunch of threads about how much better the DMR is, and how broken Jetpack is. Same as it ever was.

DMR vs BR.

im dreading the spam but the only thing i can think personally to complain about is the learning curve for getting back up to my skill level from not playing for so long plus with all the new mechanics it will be a big challenge and i probably wont end the first week with a 1.0 but ill get it up after i really get the hang of it.

edit. also ill be at my friends house for the week so i wont even be back on here. im so lucky. plus he has a job and gets to pay for the dew and pizza :smiley:

I just hope no one spoils the Legendary Ending for me (if there is one)

So pumped