Halo 4 forum, here's to positivity

I see a lot of negative topics on here whenever this game is miles ahead of Reach in terms of gameplay.
The grenades can be used tactially now (used for stripping shields, making accurate sticks),
the needler is a power weapon again,
the DMR (although OP when compared to other weapons) is a useful weapon now rather than it’s Reach iteration, the warthog doesn’t flip on a dime,
the assault rifle (for the first time in ten years) is useful now,
the character development is actually good,
we finally got the infection gametype we’ve been wanting,
making active camo awesome rather than Reach,
NO ARMOR LOCK (thank God),
fluid movement, faster gameplay,
armor abilities actually being okay and not breaking the game,
and being able to fly a Pelican…with all of this people still complain…

At the same time I am disappointed with a few things in this game mainly:

The Banshee being useless
The Jet Pack being useless
The BR being underpowered by the DMR in every single category (along with the Carbine needing a buff)
The lack of fire power in the standard Warthog (it needs to own in one second or less)
The armor pieces
The User interface (looking up stats, the post game menu, the lobby menu, the overall horizontal feel of everything makes everything feel odd)
Being able to rank up too quick

Custom Games and the lack thereof

The majority of those things I can look past, on the other hand the one thing I want badly is custom games to be more customizable…

Other than that good job 343. It was your first game and I’d say you did a good job.

Before I read anything I just want to say 343 really screwed this game up

> Before I read anything I just want to say 343 really screwed this game up

lmao nice.

I wouldn’t mind the negativity if people stated their opinions in not a ‘I’m right you’re wrong can’t you open your eyes’ attitude that many complainers assume.

That being said, I do agree with the flaws you listed, but they are not game-breaking.


Grenades have become even less tactical than the previous titles.
The needler has never been a power weapon and it should not be as strong as it is, or at least take away some of its auto aim.
The DMR is too good at long range. I can kill someone half way across the biggest maps with ease
This Infection gametype is Horrible with a capital H. The Halo franchise could really make it be a good zombies game but they choose to keep throwing this horrendous excuse of a playlist into the mix.

The banshee is fine. It is the clusterfuc of vehicles 343 has implemnted that upsets me.
The Jet pack is one of the best AAs if not the best. Thruster pack is up there with it.

You started playing Halo at Reach. Am I right or am I right?