Halo 4 Forging ideas

I know this is the halo4 forum but I need help. forge ideas pls. all comments welcome.

I once tried building a shanty town constructed from the ruins of a crashed ship, but I could never finish the idea.

If that doesn’t help, and you’re having trouble thinking of stuff to Forge, then maybe this tip could help:

Back when I Forged gameplay maps for Reach, I would always start with the idea for a single structure – one that defined the rest of the map. Occasionally, I scoped out the default maps, found a building or two that I liked, and played around with the design in my head. Once I had that single building, I’d just hop into Forge and start building, and let everything else flow out from around it.

Other people would start with a concept rather than a building. Maybe they wanted open spaces, or narrow hallways, or lots of balconies that players could jump between. Once they had an idea, they’d get started building.

It’s a lot harder to improvise in Halo 4’s Forge, since the canvas maps don’t offer much to work with, but if you can think of one single idea, you can build that and then build around it.

Often times, great maps arise from one placing a single piece and building around it. I’ve also noticed that when one flips all of the Forge objects upside down and uses them, maps unlike any others rise from the soil. They actually play quite well despite what one would think at first glance.

Avoid magnets. Use the coordinate plane.