Halo 4 Forge!!!!

As I’m playing around on forge, I am realizing that 343 should bring back sandbox. The current maps, in my opinion are to small and congested. I as a creative person along with numerous others would like to have the space to let our creativity run wild.

i had so much planned for my forge map as well. unfortunately, my funds ran out =( so i had to improvise.

I was also disappointed by it. I’m not a huge forger by any means, but it really felt lacking. The guys who do that as their main pastime instead of matchmaking must have been heartbroken.

More maps for everything.

i also had a few “wtf” moments as well. i remembered 343i showing us that we were able to lock objects and unlock objects. but here’s the funny part, you’re allowed the option to unlock all your objects that was locked with a few clicks. yet you can’t lock everything with a single click; you have to lock each one manually.
there were quite a few others that annoyed me as well, but this locking/unlocking feature bugged me the most.

Could use a larger map in general, something similiar to Forge World Hemmorage Canyon would suffice, few little natural caves here and there with the overall look of Ravine.

That and Forerunner Palette would make me a happy person, however in general I am satisfied with most of the mechanics, additions, in Forge, I am sure most of my wants will be seen to in one of the upcoming DLC Maps.

what bugged me the most was that there is no precision forging and that it still has the 90 degree snap glitches. C’mon. that was a problem in REACH. why does it still persist??

I’m mostly disappointed in the lack of Forerunner themed objects. All the objects except for like one are UNSC themed, and Ravine has like this Forerunner platform you can spawn. It looks really nice too but it’s just that one piece.