Halo 4 forge world, what they should do

As a halo fan I liked halo reach and the multiplayer maps it had.I think 343 should make like a forge world 2.0 as a free download on the XBL market place. They could make it with better graphics and have all the classic features such as the hanger and blood gulch. I also think they should do this because the maps they have now are a bit too small to show any creativity such as a city and stuff.

It must contain snow.

The 360 could barely handle the last Forge World, adding dynamic lighting and updated graphics would probably not work.

I’d rather look forward to seeing it in the enxt game,though after a few years of looking at it,I kinda got sick of it a bit in Reach,I think they should include not only that map in the next Halo but maybe 2 other maps that are just as large,granted my hopes arn’t gonna be up though about it.