Halo 4 Forge Trait Zone Question.

I was wondering if you could program a trait zone to kill a player once they entered it. For example, I built my map hovering over the ground, about 20 feet, and I wanted to make it that if you jumped off it you would die. Thanks for any and all responses.


You would best accomplish this with a soft safe boundary, or well placed soft kill boundaries. These items can be found under “Spawning” in the menus.

The difference between them:
Soft Kill - 10 second countdown when a player enters the zone
Soft Safe - 10 second countdown when a player leaves the zone
“Kill Zone” - Instant kill when a player enters (Avoid, unless marking effectively or warning players with 10 second boundary before.
“Safe Zone” - Instant Kill when a player leaves (See above)

The trait zones are better used for changing certain areas to edit shielding/health/damage boost/jump height, etc; not for killing off players.

Thank you a lot Master Sundown, saved me a lot of time. I was going to place kill balls ha ha.