HALO 4 Forge physics

In Halo on of the biggest things that would never allow me to get board of the game was the forge the tool that I and many others used to make amazing maps that inspired creativity and the thought that their are no limits. One of the things I and many other Halo players would like to see is actually movable objects in Halo 4 forge. In halo reach their were three physics options normal fixed and phased but even when you would select normal physics option it would still be fixed when it would stop moving and when you would play the map in custom games you could not move them with the exception of crates. What made Custom game infection maps in Halo 3 so Addictive was the fact that you could move items in the game and make a barrier with the items by bashing them into positions like doors then the zombie would also move the items and destroy the barrier. One other way that some people used movable items is people would actually use these movable objects, gravity lifts and active camo’s to make machines like conveyor belts, manned drop pods, flying elephants, fire places, buttoned doors, elevators, Blimps, vending machines, doors, boats, and some pretty insane traps. Another EXTREMELY complex thought is being able to manipulate gravity and instead of it being just the ground you could have an item have gravity. I know that this theory is very difficult to make and you would also figure out a system so you would always land on your feet.

I hope you put my thoughts into consideration,
Thank you