Halo 4 Forge Pardoy Vidoc !!!!Must See!!!!

This video sum up everything that is wrong with custom games 343 might want to take a look.

Everything that is wrong

Bungie’s version

343 you should be making things better not hurting us as a community

To all mods please share this with BS Angle for the community’s sake

That video was actually very well done, congrats.
It does highlight all of the stuff they took out of Forge.

343 why do you hate me? :’(

You can’t forge in CoD BO2 so why should you be able to do that in Halo 4…

That’s pretty old and we’ve had many topics made about it. It’s still as accurate as ever though.

That’s pretty old, but it’s still very true unfortunately. We don’t have nearly as many options in Forge as we should.