Halo 4 Forge Map: Breachport

Hello, Halo Waypoint community. I like to call myself a professional forger, but, I’ve never actually auditioned my work for critique. Right now in Halo 4, I am working on a forge map that I am calling Breachport. It is based off an exact replica that I made in Halo: Reach except that one day, the map file was corrupted, and it was lost forever. So now that Halo 4’s forge mode has multiple environments, I chose Ravine for my aerial symmetrical masterpiece. Unfortunately, I don’t have any images due to personal matters and because the file browser isn’t online yet, so I will try my very best to verbally image the map. The outside of the structure is made out of pyramid pieces, three long and one wide. The internal structure includes a straight across walkway and a lower deck connecting the “sides”. By sides, I literally mean that below the straight across walkway, you can go on the left side or the right side, and it allows the player to go on the opposite side of which three other players are going at it, allowing you to flank the enemy from behind. There is also some upper floors, which involve a set of stairs on each side, which i call the foyers. above the foyers is the paddle deck, which is basically all of the roofs of the pyramids plus some cross through’s. Now your mind may be confused, but don’t worry, I’ll chronologically edit this topic as I finish and publish the map.

You seem like you might have quite a bit of experience with forge, and so I am wondering if your able to help me. I recently created a varient or erosion with a road that goes out over the acid lake or whatever that grreen stuff is. When in forge I could play test this with no issues whatsoever. But then when i try to play in custom games in slayer mode for example, the area i built into has a return to combat area timeout zone that didnt show when running around on the map in forge editor. Is there something im missing, I have scanned through all the settings i know of.

Oh an beachport sounds great, will keep an eye out for it in file shares of the future