Halo 4 Forge is a no go?

So I heard a rumor that Forge wont be in Halo 4. Is this true? I really hope not because I want a forge. Just if they allow custom maps into matchmaking it should be under “community playlist” ONLY.

Some forge ideas:

Halo 3, Reach and CEA Forge Skins as forge DLC’s or launch with Halo 4

Allow us to have the ability to make Covenant maps

Different skins during launch

Have the abilities with forge like you did in Reach (Ex: blocks going into each other)only better :slight_smile:

Forge will be in H4, we just havn’t got any info from it yet. Chances are it will be offically announced at E3

Whoever told you that forge is out is very misinformed. 343i isn’t ready to talk about forge but it is pretty much confirmed to be in.


Forge is confirmed BS Angel said we would get some details sometime near release/Summer.

Forge has confirmed to be in halo 4. 343 has stated the forges addition to halo 4 will be as big as forge’s addition to halo 3. I’m expecting a lot of improvements. :slight_smile:

That’s what I figured. I told my friend (which is where the rumor came from) that Forge would be in Halo 4 because it is something we all enjoyed and love since Halo 3. Now if they were to not give us Forge I could understand because it takes up a good amount of disc space. But I told him that they probably aren’t going to release anything because they want to save it for E3 which is in like 2 weeks ^.^

Now just throwing it out there, but what if they had a extra disc or DLC that was endless forge. Could you imagine the stuff we could build lol. Of course you would have SERIOUS lag, but just the thought of endless forge is pretty sweet. Lol HD Minecraft. But say forge was a DLC or a separate disc, I think it would give us a lot more to work with with all the objects and skins and such.

Eh, just a thought lol.