Halo 4 forge ideas?

The halo 4 forge demo included many different features and there has been info in past bulletins about humungous walls etc. but, I wander what other things they will add in besides magnets and stuff.
Any ideas,any concerns about features or even comments ,post it here.

p.s What is the first thing you will build?

I want the ability to spawn unicorns. And the first thing I build will be a unicorn made out of unicorns.

> I want the ability to spawn unicorns. And the first thing I build will be a unicorn made out of unicorns.


Glass. Breakable glass floors, walls, anything.

Generators; like in Halo Reach. Place the generator as an objective. You either have to run up and activate it or shoot it from a distance. Different generators would allow for more interesting forge games.

From the multiple videos and hands-on demos I’ve seen, there really isn’t too much innovation in the objects. I’m sure there’s stuff I haven’t seen, but but so far it looks mostly like copypasta blocks from Reach.

I’m a heavy forger, currently studying to be a professional level designer, and these are the things I personally hope they add in:

-Breakable glass panes (2x2)

-A large 25x25 wall block to replace the coliseum wall that won’t make tons of bumps when used as a floor

-Triangle and Circle building blocks, as Reach’s squares just weren’t enough.

-Better selection of natural pieces. We need more rocks, as well as at least 2x2 flat rock and grass blocks.

-Pointed corners. In Reach, when you place 2 objects at a 90 degree angle, you can see through the corners, due to the objects all being rounded at the edges.

-A bigger budget. Creating a good size map while maintaining good aesthetics in Reach is virtually impossible.

-A large body of flat water to forge on. With the aforementioned 25x25 floor pieces combined with this, creating a 100% original map will be infinitely easier in Halo 4.

-More mounted turrets. Give us an option for a mounted gauss, and rocket turrets. I would ask for a grenade turret to, but as far as I know, the grenade launcher and grenade falcon isn’t in Halo 4.


-Most importantly of all: Invisible walls! With the addition of Jetpack, simply making your walls high is no longer an option for defining the boundaries of your map. Even Reach’s retail maps still use invisible barriers to keep players inside, why can us forgers not have the option to do the same. Give us an option of 2x2 flat, 4x4 flat, 10x10 flat, 20x20 flat, 50x50 flat, and 100x100 flat. Think along the lines of the Grid from Reach, but invisible when not in forge, and alos with options for smaller or larger ones,

The level from the Forge demo looked kind of small. I hope they make it bigger.