Halo 4 forge ideas thread

hello i am opening a thread about what you want in halo 4’s Forge 3.0

drivable civillian vehicles
more bases
unlimited resources and money[dont care if it lags just do it so we can make detailed stuff like villages and houses]

thats what ive got so far

I’m not sure if unlimited stuff is even possible but that would be awesome.

Here is my little list of ideas:

Possibly a tutorial because I love using forge and I still don’t know the half of it.

A LOT more settings and options to choose from.

Make certain objects move on their own like an elevator or a plat form that acts like a moving bridge of some kind.

Gravity box; set the size and location and basically if you go in to it the gravity changes to what whoever made it set it to, maybe if the right map is made and you get a bunch of banshees it will look like you are in a space fight.

Place-able water; make your own water fall, or simulate a sinking ship.

Pleas let us go in to water without dying.

Maybe we could make our own objects.

A Pelican, a Phantom.

A Frigate, a Covenant Cruiser, imagine what forge can be with some small star ships that we could go inside of and look around and take it over, their could be a game type where the teams have to take over the enemy star ship before the enemy glasses or shoots MAC rounds at their base, or just bring their teams star ship and glass or shoot MAC round at their base first, of course the ships would have to be WAY smaller then the actual things in the story but still.

As the first guy said, a mech would be nice.

Maybe some destructible objects so we can make destructible buildings.

I can not think of anything ells so I’ll end my list with lava.

Im going to have to agree with some of your ideas,

my list

  1. Grav Box (change gravity in specific area)
  2. Pelican/Phantom
  3. destructible (or at least moveable) objects)
  4. weather change option, maybe i want it to rain? maybe the total grassy ggreen mode of forge world bores us!
  5. dead marines (cmon guys, a dead marine? thats awesome! battle scenes for the win, infection map decor!)
  6. just more forge pieces in general like those covanant sniper towers? those are totally forgeable! just make it 1 piece that breaks!

I want a boat!

I really hope this thread survives, because if it doesn’t than many more good idea’s will be tossed around in others and forgotten.

Anyway first I would like a map maker, not a map editor. You start off with an island and you can creat land, make more water and etc.This is what Far Cry uses and it is by far the most fun “map anything” that I have ever used. It would also get rid of the bland maps on Forge World.

If we cant have the above I would at least like to change the environment of certain area’s, but you can have multiple environments on one map, not just one. Like I can have FW (Forge Worlds) island be grassy like it is, the FW canyon be all deasert like, and have Alaska finally have the snow its needed, but all on one map.

I like the gravity idea. Have it work like a kill boundry, and it would be amazing.

Have the option to swim in water, also make it more clear like in Crysis 2, water in that game is awesome. Also have the water be very deep so you can forge stuff in it, and if you make a building and close off the inside, the water empties out and you have a room without water in it (would be cool for under water bases and such).

Elephant . . . nuff said

Missiles . . . and missile launchers (missiles like the ones you would see in the PIT on H3, not like Rocket Launcher Rockets).

“Dig option” so even if you can’t make the land like you can in Far Cry than at least let us be able to make holes in the ground, like trenches and fox holes, tunnels etc. This could be added to how you want something placed, like if I’m trying to make a building but I don’t want grass peaking out of the floor, have the options: “Normal, Fixed, Phased, and Dig”. Dig would cut into the environment, and that would be very useful.

Objects that can move in a designated path that you assign. You take the object and there should be an option along the lines of: Movement, and it gives you a dot, you take that dot to where you want the object to move, but you can set multiple dots, so the object moves around.

Dead bodies. Marines, covenant, spartans (whose armor is either set to yours, one of your friends, or randomly assigned armor). You can control how the body sits when you set it down, there should be 10 different premade scinario’s of how the dead soldier should look dead and how he is posed, if that fails you can do it manually.

BLOOD: Able to set blood on walls, floors, mountains etc. Make blood come in many different colors: Red, blue, purple, green, pink (jk). Still, it would be awesome if I could make a map where its supposed to look like a destroyed battlefield and there are dead bodies, and blood everywhere.

Ability to make any object destructable. I can take a 5x5 Flat wall and make it destructable by a damage amount of 1-10 depending on how hard it should be to destroy it. This isn’t too important to me though.

Currently those are all the ideas I can think of.

time of day
changeable skybox(ie frigate in the air)
buildings as scenerey( ie mcdonalds gas stations)
unlimted budget

blood puddles

dead bodies

chrashed pelicans

forgable rivers and lakes

jet skis and boats

Now there can be unlimited particles