Hey guys what would you like to see for halo 4 forge? me personally i like to see many changes, one is there is no return to battlefield like you can change it on or of or just remove it because if there is a return to battle field(forge world) remake at least LET US USE THE WHOLE MAP because just looking at the awesome land scape and letting us not use it to build is boring because let face it forge world is beginning to be boring. second idea add all the weapons from the campaign to forge world. third add all building structures on the maps to be build able, forth idea is add options to be night, day, weather, fifth idea infinite money cr to use all buildings, add more trees post your comment on what should be added so BS Angel can see this post!!! good luck…

Terraforming like in the Sims might be too much to ask for, but if it doesn’t lag so much I’d like to see terraforming. Also, with snap to grid, there should be snap to every 1.0 units as well as the existing 0.1 units.

They need to make it to where you can always see the original creator of a map. It bugs me when people add like two guns to an epic map and rename it so it says they created it. So if you ever map steal, don’t everyone hates you.

Triggers - ex. So if you take territory A then a wall opens up and gives you a new entrance into the base. Another ex. Activate button A and it closes a side entrance door but it can be reopened.

Destructible Objects - Have doors that can be destroyed from explosions and allow the editor to adjust the health and such.

Textures - Allow walls and certain objects such as vehicles or sandbags to have different designs to choose from. ex. snow or desert warthog, ruins or metal wall.