Halo 4, forge idea?

Iam really hoping that 343 really creates something amazing in halo 4’s forge, like being able to create vehicles or making buttons that activate stuff rather than using mines, or even firefight forge, now that would be awesome, being able to even spawn scarabs, or even making your own map from scratch, with the ability to creat custom levels and even add AI! man i would honestly give 343 another year for halo 4 development if we got all that, imagine the possbilities, imagine how much more people halo could attract, or even the machinima! allow players to record, edit and upload.

Firefight Forge. Or putting AI on multiplayer maps. Just that would be worth it.

man, if 343i makes an AMAZING forge, they might have to put it on a seprate disk!

man, if they make forge this good, they might have to put it on a seprate disk!

343 should make a forge where you can have different materials like wood, metal, rust, etc. Another great idea I think would be to have the ability to use the forge like Adobe 3ds Max. Where you can give the dimensions, scale it, and multiply and item. Multiplying an item would be such a time saver!

Also if we could have weather effects such as lightning, rain, snow, that would be awesome. along with nature! Give us something more then ROCKS! >.< like trees, rivers, waterfalls. Stuff that we can use to make our own environments. They have to add the no gravity effect so we can make fun maps with that.

I like how we can move objects into objects so keep that on forge. hmmm…I cant think of anything else right now.

I would also like to be able to spawn wildlife. Imagine (for example) Having a bunch of Moa running around the map. It could make for some hilarious kills and other moments. Or imagine playing on Hemmorhage and at about mid game a Guta spawns and rampages throughout the map until it dies. It would be crazy.