halo 4 forge idea (cap2dazero)

the feature of moving the sun/ dynamic lighting by changing the time of day even turning it too night with ability to change the fullness of the moon ON ANY MAP imagine being abl eto have the gameplay at noon duck dawn or midnight! (think zelda lol and that would be awesome but sum games changing from night to day mid game would be sweet as well ( or even special effect in desinated areas) < that may compplicate thing but would still be cool, qwell the first one was the only one i really cared about changing from night to day mid game would be cool im happy just choosing between night day dusk and dawn if you agree this would be amazing plz post

As cool as that would be, I don’t think they’ll do that.

But it isn’t out of question. After all, it is 343 and Halo.

When they are creating maps they probably play around with different effects on the maps to see which one fits the map the best. I don’t know how good it would work in MP but it would definitely be a cool feature in custom games.

they pretty much confirmed that day and night time wont be customizable although what with dynamic lighting and a range of maps you can simulate it to a degree