Halo 4 Forge IDEA any FW map

Okay if we can get attention im sure we can get this thrown into play for consideration

Its very simple
Have the MAPS custom edited to “NUKE”
by game designers going back to add it in

by nuke I mean for example take LONGBOW the Ice map
they could set up the map in FORGE to NUKE out any predetermined built in buildings or whatever they designate to be removed in whatever sectors

with this you can turn longbow into a plane for building aka a whole new access for Forging theme while having full access to all the blocks any actual forge world would have.

can you imagine that we could turn drift into an outer space emptyness build
or the heaven/whatever the current name is I forgot into a Heavens cloud based map

what ever they do it would grant so much for us as a theme build.

So Sandbox for ever map? How original…

This is what we wanted in CEA and we didn’t get it. The same company is designing Halo 4’s maps. Sorry.