HALO 4 FORGE FINE TUNE (please 343 put it in)

I’m currently trying to remake Sword Base on Impact and It’s not only frustrating but near impossible. The fact that 343 replaced magnets with the fine tune feature in reach is unacceptable, You can’t even zoom in even though when you press start it says press the rt and click the left stick. This coupled with the fact that the 3 forge maps give no space to create is terrible. Whats even worse is that we still have a limit to the number of peices we can make from a certain pallett. If I want to make a map entirely of walls I should be able too. Please 343 release an update fixing these issues, or at least a new map like forge world. And please make an option to take out the kill boundries, There are some awesom looking spots in your maps that I would want to build a cool map in but I cant. They are so frustrating. You can’t even build close to the water anymore. why not? why was the fine tuning taken out? Give options for people to take kill boundries off and release more open and empty forge maps, Give the players the choice dont make it for them. Even making a terrain tool would be amazing.