Halo 4 Forge Discovery VIDEO - Your mind..!!!

Your mind will be BLOWN.

A brief summary of what is possible by bending the rules of Dominion in Halo 4 forge. More discoveries to come. there is so much more to Dominion than meets the eye, and what you see in this video already puts halo reach’s invasion forging to shame.

I can’t wait to discover more about Dominion, then finally get to play with Extraction.

Will do more experiments tommorow.

Thats freaking cool. Hope somebody takes advantage of that and makes some awesome maps.

bump for daytime waypoint

Doesn’t seem much different from the capabilities you had in Reach’s invasion.


This puts Halo Reach to shame.

In Halo Reach, making a vehicle an objective made it indestructible. That’s why you never saw any real gametypes using it besides king of the hill type stuff. This functionality doesn’t exist in H4. Objective vehicles are at last destructible, making it feasible for whatever cool gametypes you want.

Additionally, in Halo Reach, you are restricted to forging for 3 phases only in invasion. You can do far more with Dominion since you can have a HUGE amount of bases.

Finally, some of the stuff you see in the video is the result of assigning multiple tags to the same object, something you couldn’t do at all in Reach.

Don’t see how it ‘puts Halo Reach to shame’ considering the number of custom options they took away from other gametypes.

This seems like a poor trade-off.

Hm, that has quite a bit of potential. Between various features in Dominion, possible Tower Defense maps, and Mantis battles (still need to find a trick to spawn in vehicles now that Race is gone) there may be hope for custom games yet. Not to mention the modded gametypes that have been rumored such as classic infection…