Halo 4 - Forge/Customs 3.0 Features Requests

Here are the changes I would like:

1.) Forge
*.) Despawn timers. A definite must.
*.) Able to put in any timer we want. We’re limited to “Spawn in 3 minutes” maximum. Why not let us access a number pad to input any number we want?
*.) Doors. I know exactly how this could be implemented. Give doors and certain objects a channel, like teleporters. Then make a switch object that has a channel. Activating the switch triggers the special action on all objects on the same channel

2.) Custom Games
*.) Fix the bugs Halo Reach had, these are numerous.
*.) Bring back Shield Vampirism that Halo 3 had
*.) Bring back VIP

Make your own suggestions!

The most important aspect of Forge is to incorporate many different types and environments, but have great performance as well. No lagging and the frame rate stays at its best.

Basically make sure the performance is the top priority. Doesn’t matter how pretty something looks if it drops to 10 FPS.