Halo 4 forge and multiplayer

343 Industries if you are reading this I have an idea that could make halo 4 forge insane. Add a new feature whee you can change the terrain and create mountains on a map that is bigger than forge world. And you should also add a new type of forge map that is a small world that you can build around or build inside as a sort of inside world. You should also make a forge addition of the game that has Forge world with it and a cool halo forge ball alarm clock or some thing and if you pre-order it you can get sand box too. I think a lot of people grew tired of the repetitive use of one forge map and each game so why not make something that stands out. Make more than one forge map and make multiplayer.

From a true fan.
P.S. I hope you make a remarkable campaign experience for Halo 4 and Halo CE Anniversary. Also if you bring back armor abilities make sure to get rid of armor lock and I liked it better when you ran into something and became invisible for a short time and when you ran into something and got double health. Bring those back because they were great and were really what made the halo multiplayer come together since the beginning. Also make lots more vehicles and guns plus I want to fly the pelican and always have.

you can put too thath the brute moto and the hornet exists