Halo 4 for Xbox One

Although I am anxious to get the Xbox One, I am upset that their will be no Halo titles available to play (with the exception of Spartan Assault which doesn’t really count as a true halo game). Other first person shooters such as battlefield, Call of Duty, and countless others have games on the next generation console, but Halo does not. If Halo 4 was made available to players on the Xbox One then at least 343 would have a placeholder until they released Halo Xbox One. This would also make it less of a rush to release the new game since players can just play Halo 4 is the meantime. Maybe 343 could even make Halo 4’s game of the year edition available to players on the Xbox One. 343 could also just make it available via download since the new Xbox One has an excessive amount of storage. Anyway, those are just some of my opinions, but I’m sure that myself and countless others would like to see Halo 4 made available on Xbox One.

That would be great but thats not going to happen because the goty edition is already been out, i got my gotye back in october

The whole point of the Xbox One is to move forward, not step back. IF Microsoft decide to include backwards compatibility in a later firmware update for Xbox One, then so be it. But for 343 to waste time porting Halo 4 to Xbox One when they could be using that time further developing Halo 5 is a bad thing.

Spartan assault is a halo game. You don’t get to decide what is a true or not.

And halo 3 wasn’t a launch title for the 360.

Well all the game’s art assets were made with the Xbox 360 in mind. Upscaling them so they look “next gen” is probably going to take a lot of work (see. Forza 5, they had to put A LOT into the next-gen transfer) and for what? A game we already have and not a lot of us still play and the same goes for any other Halo port as well (besides SA).

No, I don’t want them spending precious time and energy on this when they could be spending it on Halo 5.

Same as above: better to spend time on the next game. I imagine that much more technical monkey-work is involved in switching from one set of hardware to the next than you think.

Also, H4 already has a pitiful online population. Let’s not split it over two consoles.