Halo 4 Flood Gametype Thruster Pack OP?

Doesnt anyone else apart from me think that the thruster pack on the Flood gametype a bit overpowerd cause i saw in many of my games i saw infected flood use it and survivors just got slayed in seconds does anyone else thinks the same?

It functions fine. Many people as flood boost off of the map, and it is easy to shoot someone boosting. Without it, it would be difficult to kill the spartans on several of the maps, especially in the choke points.

Its Fine , Some people lack the skill to take the flood out sometimes it happens to the best of us.

Well the guys in my games must have been complete noobs cause they started to complain on there mics after a flood used it and then get killed even i thought it was a bit unfair cause loads of them used it at the same time and we all got owned in like 5 seconds