Halo 4 fire/flood fight request

I know this might sound crazy but I think that for whatever the survival gametype is in halo 4 don’t give us any customization and don’t let us win!I find that halo o.d.s.t and gears of wars survival modes were pretty fun besides for the fact that there is a limit and for Reach a bunch of customization was added so there was no real “OFFICIAL” firefight in reach which may be part of the reason why it is almost never played anymore.I know im probably gonna get hated for this but I think that Call of duty nailed the survival mode gametype because in zombies there is a variation of different maps, you can’t cusomize any settings and you can’t win so this makes a perfect layout for a highly competitive survival mode where your always trying to beat your friends high scores.I personally think that if 343i creates floodfight and uses the same guidelines of cod’s zombies but with a halo feel then it would be pretty successful.Thought?

Please use the search bar before just making a post. There have been quite a few threads about it.