We need to have our fileshare back! Removing this feature is incredibly detrimental, esspecially with COD black ops 2 allowing you to Live-stream your game from your system. Please add this feature and consider those of us who are media oriented. In order to keep this game going the community needs all the tools that it used to have and even more.

Now I don’t know about all that COD nonsense…I don’t pay attention to it anymore because I really just don’t care, but we definitely need to be able to share screenshots…and videos.

Otherwise, what’s the point of being able to create them in the first place?

Wait, file share isn’t back?

This is new…

We demand fileshare

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If I can’t access my Halo 4 file share through this website I will bust a -Yoink!-.

I work over at a game store so I need to be hip to all of this, and I just know that being able to live-stream is a key selling point for a game like that. Not that I like COD (I think its garbage) but you have to admit being able to equip your fanbase with something that powerful is impressive and I feel halo needs to meet/exceed that bar that has been placed for first person shooters if it truly wants to reclaim become what it once was.

Erm… Hate to burst your bubble but file share is in the game -.-’’

its in the game, not on the site, also its just not what it used to be.

You can’t start petitions here. It’s against the rules. The complaint itself is valid; just change the title to reflect that and not to ask for an online petition.

/forum police


Did you see the 7 reference?

Allow me to clarify

In case some of you readers mistook this, file share is IN the game, but not on Waypoint itself. Halo 3 allowed users to access their file share from the bungie site, but Waypoint the COMMUNITY device, doesn’t? What’s wrong here.

I really want to like this service, but if it doesn’t support true community interaction with sharing files, I’m going to have a hard time doing so.

what the hell are you talking about, ive been able to access mine and other people’s file shares since the game came out.

Halo 4 Fileshare is up and running. It will be active on the website next month according to the things we have heard.

Posts like the one above mine by “CloggedCircle1” look like they are from a twelve year old who is begging his Mom to buy him Fruit Loops in the store.

Wait, but I can’t Fileshare search in-game.

Just hold on, its comming.

From the Halo 4 Support FAQ:

> I can access my File Share in-game, but I can’t find it on the Halo Waypoint website.
> Web access to your Halo 4 File Share will come online next month. Your in-game File Share, which features 25 slots, is fully functional in the interim.