Halo 4 file share system problems

I am just showing video evidence that the halo 4 file share system does not work. I hope this thread gains the attention of 343 so that this may be fixed because custom maps is the main thing i loved about halo and to be deprived from that is like having to watch nyan cat millions of times until it is fixed. The point is it is kinda annoying waiting and hearing about no updates being made to fix this.


is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I have to agree with you that it is really annoying. I thought it was just a bug with my copy of the game but now I know that others are having the same problem with their fileshare. I hope they fix this really soon.

I know i’d be fine if they had like a public update saying “we are planning on fixing the issue with the file share system” or something along those lines but i have seen this going ignored and it doesn’t seem very professional for the industry that made a AAA title such as Halo 4

I really hope that they fix this soon cause it is absolutely ridiculous

i like it because 343 has downloadable content that they are releasing yet they have put no effort towards this

anyone else have an opinion…?

it’s not a problem. It’s that it’s currently unavailable at the moment. Should be done by first Map Pack, December 10th.

i sure hope so

So far the only map I have seen on the file share is infected ravine or whatever it’s called made by the Halo Forge Epidemic. Does anyone else know why 343 doesn’t have their Impact map they made, as well as the 2 other ones designed specifically for forge, included in the maps that are used online? I find it a little annoying that all of the maps that have been created aren’t being used online.

Yea I REALLY hope they fix this ever since the game came out ive been wanting to check out some maps people have been making

I know your pain but there is a really limited way to get around it and sometimes it doesn’t even work with some gamertags you see but you have to go to file share search in game type or map and then type in the gamertag of that person and you should be able to get some gametype because i have got some already like firefly and monster trucks but I don’t know what to tell you bro I don’t work for 343lol, but I do hope they fix it … because I even miss it

I’m experiencing this problem, they just need to fix this already.

injust checked again today and they still haven’t fixed it!

The only reason I can imagine them putting it off would be because of what happened on Halo Reach. I believe the most downloaded and recommended maps of all time were quite poor (for what ive seen anyway). Maybe there just giving people a chance to create good maps so we don’t have to deal with all the poorly designed maps. Even so, I will agree that we should really be given updates with what’s going on within 343. I used forge epidemic on reach to get my maps. Along with getting them through the spreading of custom games which is how halo 3 worked. But yes, I miss the file browser too :frowning:

yea it’s almost Christmas and it still isn’t fixed…

Maybe they will fix it as a christmas gift!

> Maybe they will fix it as a christmas gift!

That would be an awesome gift you wake up check the file share system and you see all these sick maps to play on :slight_smile:

You can still search for specific people’s file shares. But as far as public searches, we’ve got nothing.

It’s almost as if they wanted to kill customs…