Halo 4 File Share on Waypoint Not Loading

Good afternoon.

I would like to report that the Halo 4 File Share on Halo Waypoint for PC isn’t loading. The local file browser loads fine, however if I try to directly access my fileshare or another person’s fileshare, the screen just shows the blow glowing loading icon and nothing loads. I have tryed viewing my Fileshare on both Firefox and Internet Explorer and the end result is the same on both.

I am using Mozilla Firefox V. 26.0 , Internet Explorer V. 9, Java Version 7 Update 51 , and my operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium if any of that helps.

Good afternoon again. Thank you 343 for fixing the issue, it is back online again. An Admin or a mod, please lock this thread.

Glad to hear you’re no longer having issues!