Halo 4 File Browser - Nonexistence Problem

This thread has probably been posted several times, but I couldn’t find one.

Does anyone know what is up with the file share, specially the “Most Downloaded” and “Most Recommended” never working?

One of the best parts of Halo since Halo 3 is the ability to share awesome maps or videos, and then find the most popular ones. But it always says “No Files Found” when looking. This is a huge Halo feature and part of the game that I would think should be working right at day one, not just a random glitch needing to be discovered. I have already looked at the problems sticky topic, and the only problem relevant it lists is the custom search. We’ve already had a title update that and nothing to do with this problem. So my questions are these:

  1. Is that post the same thing as not having the “Most” categories working either?
  2. Does it actually work for anyone?
  3. Is there anyone who has any EVIDENCE as to why this is?*
  4. Is there anyone who has any EVIDENCE as to when/if this will be fixed or can be fixed now?*

*Any post from an official 343i employee would be greatly appreciated, as any official comment on this problem seems non-existent.

Also, PLEASE DO NOT POST if you are just saying “Yeah, I have the same problem” or anything similar. I’m sure many people do. Just post if you can answer any of the above questions, no offense.

This is a problem EVERYONE is having. It’s a server thing because 343 is working on getting fileshare working on the waypoint website.
Most likely when that is done then fileshare will be up.

Thank you.

That clears things up a bit.