Halo 4 Feedback and Analysis

Me and my friends love Halo 4, but, in our opinion, it could have been so much better than a great game. It’s had a very mixed reception since being released, particularly by classic halo fans. In this thread I want to give areas which me and my friends feel could be removed or improved, I don’t want to just slag the game off.

Promethean Vision- without sounding blunt this simply shouldn’t be an AA, the ability to see through walls/obstacles isn’t fair.

Active Camo- remove this as an AA and return it to being a power-up, like the overshield, like it was in the older Halo games.

Boltshot- you shouldn’t be able to spawn with a one-shot kill weapon, make it a weapon on the map or nerf it so that it only removes shields.

Plasma grenades- the ability to spawn with these (along with a plasma pistol) has ruined BTB. Me and my friends see warthogs as “easy double kills” rather than dangerous targets, it shouldn’t be like that. Don’t even mention suicide stickers. Things like these belong in ordnance drops.

Plasma pistol- same as the plasma grenades really, it shouldn’t be an option for your loadouts, I’d rather you create a new covenant sidearm to act as a secondary than keep the plasma pistol in the loadout selection. Just like the plasma grenades, these are the level of weapons you should receive in ordnance drops.

4SK BR- making the BR 4SK was a sensible move, yet it was reduced to 11 bullets, rather than 12 as it was in 3 and 2. 4 shotting people on 4 is far too easy and it’s pretty much all I see in medium range maps now. In my opinion it kind of defeats the purpose of customisation in loadouts when it was made the go-to weapon. Making it 12 bullets to kill rather than 11 would go a long way to rectifying this.

Vehicle health- vehicles shouldn’t be damaged by primary weapons. It should only be power weapons, boarding, and other vehicles that can damage them. If an organised team shoots a banshee they can take it down in less than a clip each.

DLC- there should be a specific playlist for people to play the maps that they PAID for, they simply don’t show up enough in the regular playlists for the investment to pay off realistically.

Flinch- descope worked fine and it didn’t result in “whoever gets the first shot wins”, in my opinion it’s a better alternative to what we have now.

Flood- Living Dead was butchered in 4, in my opinion, while Alpha Zombies wasn’t entirely even, if you had common sense as a zombie you looked for ways around the humans, not blindly running at them in a straight line. It presented a rare opportunity to show off your own armour (not lime green) and had the second highest playlist population in reach. The numbers speak for themselves. Thruster Pack and AA’s in Flood was a daft idea, as was no sprinting and the tinted screen for the zombies. Hivemind went some way to rectifying this yet ordnance isn’t necessary and the maps are pretty bland. All I believe 343 needed to do with this playlist was make the flood look like flood, and introduce more balanced maps. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it!

Custom game options- for those who enjoy classic halo we need the option to disable sprint, auto-pickup on CTF. Not to mention far more options for flood. This gametype spawned many different custom games yet the lack of options has severely hampered what people can create. Remember that custom games were a huge part of past halo’s

Let me re-iterate that I really enjoy playing Halo 4, 343 made many good additions, such as customisable loadouts, not to mention a great campaign, yet the features I’ve just mentioned have hampered it in my eyes. Obviously there are other things that could be added, altered or removed, and this thread is only my opinion. Hopefully 343 see this kind of feedback and create an even better game with Halo 5.

PS- I didn’t mention the poor connection and lag because we are getting dedicated servers with Halo 5, therefore it didn’t seem necessary in this regard.

Brilliant campaign … so-so multi-player

> PS- I didn’t mention the poor connection and lag because we are getting dedicated servers with Halo 5, therefore it didn’t seem necessary in this regard.

I agree with what you wrote before the “PS”, except giving 343 a"pass" on lag issues. No other game I play lags as bad as H4 does 70% of the time and that’s why I’m back to Halo Reach.

It’s at least a 12 to 14 months until H5 is possibly out and basically H4 is not a playable game for multiplayer (which is likely why the population dropped by 320,000 players in the first month of H4’s release).

The main lag issue is the abysmal host selection process (lowest SR rank player gets host - regardless of connection - known as “Host History”). Changing that does not require a change to the Xbox app -it can be addressed at the front end server side when it selects what players are in the game and who gets host.

Fix that and the bulk of the lag issues are gone and we have a playable game again.