Halo 4 Featured Artist

Remember Halo 2? Remember when the audio for Blow Me Away audio play in the background? That was the best song that fit that game! I want a featured artist like they did with Halo 2! Maybe a known artist! Any suggestions?

I hope they never do that again, ever.

Thistle and Weeds by Mumford and Sons is basically the only outside song I would actually like to here in Halo and that’s only because it already sounds like a Halo song.

Wouldn’t mind seeing Breaking Benjamin do another song… The band is all screwed up in legal troubles but Ben the lead singer loves Halo just as much as any of us.

> I hope they never do that again, ever.

Same, unless the get a better band.

I would love to see Puscifer do something(they’re one of my all time favorite bands)