Halo 4 faults from an actual believer

I will be the first to say " Why all the complaining" but over the past hour I have had a few things just hit me the wrong way.

  1. Theater: I was going through achievements and saw one for saving a film, so I thought “Well I had on overkill 2 games ago, why not save it”

Enters Theater, and to my astonishment I can only watch the film of my last game played?

What the -Yoink-?

  1. Forge map construction: “Oooo an achievement for making a map, well I haven’t checked out the forge maps yet. Lets take a look. Whaaa so many invisibly kill barriers where my speed seems to decrease and I die.”

And can’t even go around the mountain on Ravine. Good one!

  1. Motion Sensor (Radar): In multiplayer the radar seems to be very faint with most map colours. Maybe it’s just me being half colour blind, but I never even notice the red dots unless I am staring at the radar. On previous halos it was more noticeable with your peripheral vision than this one.

  2. Lack of playlists: This one hasn’t really bothered me , yet, but why no rumble pit or doubles or swat.

  3. Medals: Why is there such a lack of medals? I mean does Bungie own the rights to half of them still? I noticed there is a commendation for getting a Perfection, but there is nothing better then hearing “Perfection!” at the end of the round, and not even a medal. Come on

6. Emblems: I forgot this one. Where are all the emblems? I hope more unlock as we level because I am at SR 26 and don’t see many of the emblems or backgrounds there use to be. What gives on these

Overall, I have been enjoying the game, but there does seem to be some minor things that just scream out laziness. I hate complaints as much as the next guy, so just think of these as (surprise) criticisms

> Lack of Medals???
> I think there is even more Medals then before by heaps

I guess I worded that wrong, because you are right. There are newer medals, but some of the older medals seem to be gone.

I can understand the medals issue, I liked the way the old medals appeared bigger as you got them and they did look way better than these plain looking ones.
Better to see them than some text under the reticle

I like how you unlock the emblems, I just hate how all the good ones seem to be on the front now and all the back ones are bland boring shapes

You should be able to select other recent games. Just browse through the menus.

Lack of Medals???

I think there is even more Medals then before by heaps

You have to select recent matches or something of the like (for the theatre issue)