Halo 4 Faster Gameplay, New Moves, Possible Cover System

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Cover system? No thank you. This is Halo.

Where did this guy get his source from?

> Where did this guy get his source from?


Never use Hiphopgamer as a source, he just starts a bunch of baseless rumors. Pretty sure he got banned from N4G because of all the -Yoink- he made up

cover system? get outta here this isn’t gears of war

> Cover system? No thank you. This is Halo.

Exactly. Besides, a cover system would contradict your desired “faster gameplay”.

Just going through what he said…

Cover system? There is no way this is going to speed up gameplay. The only thing this is going to do is turn Halo into a Gears of War knock-off, and that’s never going to happen.

More realistic gameplay? Hell no. Halo has always been a sci-fi shooter, and it always will.

Multiple Armor Abilities used at the same time? Nononono NO, that’s NOT going to happen. Since when were we playing CoD?

And what are all these “moves” he keeps talking about?

Has this guy never played a Halo game before? I mean, I literally went WTF.

Actually this guy could not be more wrong on certain things.

Not for minors:

Was anyone here but me distracted by the low zip on the woman’s jacket at 3:28?

> Cover system? No thank you. This is Halo.

Seriously, this. No aiming down the sights and no cover system. This is Halo, people.

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Halo has had a cover system since day 1:

It’s called ‘stand behind something’

LOL cover system? Hell no!!! What!?

Yeah ok, I don’t feel like playing a game on my console that I could just as we’ll play on my iPad.
Ghost recon FS was fun, but I’m glad I only rented. Wouldn’t be able to play that for long for the exact reason I just stated. Cover systems are not cool.

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