Halo 4 Fan Art.

Kinda new to the 343i forums so if i post this in the wrong section my mistake :slight_smile:
Hello, My name is Steven Hernandez and I made this fan art since Halo 4 is coming out soon I got out my tablet and started drawing.

Fan Art Picture.

I like it, you should post this in the community creations forum, too.

Just Did :slight_smile:
Edit: Well since I was moved here the other one is kinda pointless xD

> Just Did :slight_smile:
> Edit: Well since I was moved here the other one is kinda pointless xD

Oh well, still looks awesome.

I really like that, except one thing. The lens flare. It looks out of place. But that is a really cool drawing. Great job.

That’s pretty cool, man.

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very neat looking, although i dont like that it implies that the chief… will die like your spartan in reach.lol, good job though!

O.O omg… guess who has a new ipod wallpaper! This girl! XD lol, great job! I nearly died from amazement!


@Apollo Creed 01
True but the only bad thing about this is his paint job got kinda scratched and nothing else you can say he just walk away like he always does :slight_smile:

very cool. the lens flare is a nice touch imo

I like it, and it is interesting, did you use photoshop or you sketch it, because I like doing digital painting, and plus you should try present the photo on the forum or the link

Good work. Maybe make the helmets outline a bit darker and the olive green a bit stronger to make it pop out a bit more. other than that I find this piece to capture the “feel” of halo.

Thanks everyone for the good feedback :slight_smile:

very colorful :slight_smile:

That looks awesome dude!

lovely stuff

Good practice for start in this kind of art

Looks very nice!!