Halo 4 fail clip! 3 guys 1 tank

I just thought this was a funny clip since the enemy team tried to board me but landed in the turret :smiley:

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haha, out of nowhere 3 teammates fly in to take out that red. send it to achievement hunter, i’m hoping they’ll have enough fails for halo 4 fails of the weak 1 this friday

Thanks for the support its greatly appreciated and thank you to everyone who has watched :slight_smile:

and yeah ill try sending it to them!

Hey man!
Love the video!
It was awesome!
You’re awesome!

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Will do!!!

Love that he jumped up and just looked down and started spraying his AR bullets into that guys head.

yeah it was just a perfect clip and i was just sitting in my scorpion just like omg wtf lol!

bump cus this is a good clip!