Halo 4- Exited or Not?

So, Hello every one.

Just wanted to get a feal for what people are thinking of halo 4.

From what ive seen so far i am really exited for this game.
343i seem to be doing an amazing job on the latest halo.
I have pre-orederd the halo 4 limited edition as soon as i had the money and cant wait.

Just post your comments below about how your feeling about the new changes and the game in general.

Try to get the conversation going :slight_smile:

I am really looking forward to this new installment.

Yeah same here, i just cant wait to dive into the new story and multiplayer.

hell yeah

This game is gonna be awesome only because we are waiting for this like 5 years ago?
Yeah,ODST and Reach doesnt count
Wars…i liked wars but everyone was waiting for master chief
Is like in Gears Of War 3,GoW 2:2005 GoW3:2011

And one more thing.

Lets try and get as many post about people’s thought’s on halo 4.
Show your appriciation for 343i.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

I’m not feeling very exited, however I am excited.

Can’t wait for Spartan Ops, it’s gonna be so fun specualting whats gonna happen next, also it lasts for 10 weeks, so it’s a good excuse to keep playing.

Noble sixers, what do you mean?

Do you feel like your going to enjoy the game, but not be hyped up enough to be exited.

Or are your not sure.

It seems to me that you havnt seen enough to make a judgement yet.

I feel like this now

I totaly agree with you, spartan ops, and the return of master chief is going to be awesome.

I’m very excited for Halo 4, it has the potential to be the best game in the series.

a mech in a halo multiplayer? flood mode? why shouldn’t i be excited? O_o

… There aren’t enough yeses in this world for me to answer you properly.

yeah a mech in multiplayer would be so cool.

And Halo 4 does hve the potential to be the greatest halo yet.

Im really confident that this game will deliver

Kyler the ninja- haha i know what you mean

I’m feeling excited! That feeling didn’t stop from E3 2011, so I’d been forward it for a looooooong time! The game’s almost out, and thankfully, I have college to deal with to speed up to the release date! Waiting for the game usually lasts the longest when it’s a month to go.

I want to see how much of a beast Master Chief is in the Campaign!

I’m very excited! I feel like I am about to play Halo for the very first time again. Everything seems so new and fresh from the visual down to the gameplay. I remember years ago just before the first Xbox was released. I walked into Toy"R"Us to buy a N64 game. They had an Xbox with Halo being one of the demo games. Some kid ask me did I want a turn. I said, sure. Right then and there I told myself, “I GOTTA GET ONE OF THESE”! So yeah, I am pretty excited.

I know this video isnt new but i could watch it over and over again.

Copy and paste it.

With halo 4 just under a month away it’ll be nice to see how cod stuff works in halo.