Halo 4 Eurogamer expo

Anyone heard a yes or no on this?
I would really love it to be there and Microsoft are a partner of the event.
It would be really unfair if only Americans could play Halo 4 early.

Going for the four days of this so I really hope it is there, just been keeping an eye on the [what’s on](http:// http://www.eurogamer.net/expo/whats-on) page over at eurogamer myself, will be up there sharpish if it’s confirmed.

I’ll be there on the Friday, less children about and hopefully less attendance.
If it is there I’ll be by the booth all day long. Although want to play DMC and MGS too!

When i fired Eurogamer a direct message via Twitter.
I asked specific if Halo 4 would be playable at the expo. I recieved a reply saying theres some big announcements weds/thurs of this week.
This kinda tells me its most probably gonna be there and playable. Otherwise they would have shot it down for me right away. Well thats my thinkin on the situation anyways.
If i hear anything in the meantime ill be sure to let you guys know.