Halo 4 Energy Sword: Gold to Midnight

After all the help I got, I figured I would make a thread on this. I decided to make a Pepakura Energy Sword, starting on the day Halo 4 went Gold, and then taking it to the midnight launch, when I pick up my Limited Edition, Yup, nerdiest thing I’ve ever thought of. Still doing it.
I’ve got a vid of the first foray into building. Gotta say, I started, and just can’t stop! It is SO fun! All I managed to video was cutting before my HDD failed. Aw.
26 days to go, almost done building!

^26 days to go, just 1/3 of the handle left to go!^
^First shot at it and partway into construction.^

I’ll update this as I go.

POLL: Should I paint this as a classic Energy Sword, or a Gold to Midnight Sky paintjob?

I think you should go with the classic.
Why? Well… because it’s classic! :slight_smile: