Halo 4 ending?? Spoilers

First I am gooing say this is the best halo campaign in my opinion, But i still got a few questions about the ending

Im confused about the ending how does he survive when he sets off a nuke right next to him, is it because the librarian speed up his evolution. Did the didactic die you like blew him off the edge i am not sure because you hear his voice at the end in? Also what does it mean when the didact says “The reclamation has already begun” in the epilogue when there taking of chiefs armor? Lastly did chiefs speed up evolution by the librarian change any of his features because I think it might of changed his face but thats just what i think.

he got turned into a digital form, abit like going onto the grid in tron

  1. I’m pretty sure the didact’s not dead. If chief survived that nuke, then the didact should have no problem surviving it as well.

  2. I believe the ending speech by the didact was made during the human-forerunner war and not in present times during the ending. If you listen closely to what he says, you can conjecture that it was happening long ago.

“We squander eons in the darkness, while they seize our triumphs for their own.”
-most likely about when the forerunners thought humanity was invading their territory when they were fleeing from the flood

The ending was utterly stupid.

Best ending in my opinion.

And Chief survived, because Cortana made, I guess a cube out of Hard Light that withstood the explosion. Thus saving him. Though she herself, i’m not entirely sure what happened there.

^Yes, because the utter nonsense that took place in that scene is the best ending ever.

Is there a legendary ending? (not after credits ending)

Halo 4 is the best Halo game I have played (on the 360). Plus what did happen to Cortana is she in a situation simialr to Halo 2-3 or is she dead?

> Is there a legendary ending? (not after credits ending)

This. Is there one? And not the CGI epilogue…

I really had no idea what I was expecting going in this campaign, but I loved it so much. It’s great and I love what they’ve done with the game. I’m glad the the story was self-contained, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the trilogy’s story.

> Is there a legendary ending? (not after credits ending)

On everything but Legendary, the screen cuts to black when Master Chief takes off his helmet in the scene after the creds.

On Legendary when he takes off his helmet you can see like 1/4 of his face for about 2 seconds before it cuts to black.


> The ending was utterly stupid.

You don’t like it because Cortana died or so we think.

the deal with cortana was that she splintered herself to much when she created all the coppies to lower the didacts sheild, there for she wasnt able to continue functioning