Halo 4 Ending questions (spoilers)

So where does the series go from here. The ending of Halo 4 left a lot of possibilities for the next Halo. So what is going to be the plot.

The Didact is presumed dead. Of course, we’ve never seen his actual death, just him falling off the cliff.

Could the Didact return.

Is chief getting a new AI? BLACKBOX? Is Cortana going to get revived?

Elites. Jul does he try to kill the humans.

Do renegade humans rise against the unsc?

Does Arbiter find out about the humans plot to put the Elites into economic misery. Forcing arbiter to rise up against the humans.

New promethean threat?

Will the Flood return as the main enemy?

What is the scenario you wanna see? Any ideas?

Pretty sure The Didact will return
Master Chief might get a new AI (would be interesting)
I think Thel (Arbiter) will come in and aid us to stomp the Covenant remnants
I think the Flood could return, being brought back the ultimate evil, the Precursors

Well the diadect is dead.
the flood were said to be gone

but i think the humans will destroy the covenant and they will get destroyed by some new enemy just as the librarian said they had in the past.

The Didact said ‘The Reclamation has already begun’, I have no idea what that means. I wish the Legendary ending could of been better, just an extra 2 seconds isn’t much.

He says the reclamation has begun for this reason. remember like halo 2-3 the guilty spark always called you the reclaimer? well they mean it by humanity reclaiming their position as the universes bad as*es basically.

The Didact is most definetely alive and now I’ve come to a realization - he’s on Earth!

To be honest, the Halo 4 ending was actually pretty abrupt.

first off if he is alive then that is honestly a poor story line decision

and all halos are abrupt. thats what makes you want the next one!

I sorta wish 343 would of went more in-depth with The Didact, I didn’t read any of the books, and don’t plan too. But I watched all the Terminals for Halo 4, it sort of explained it.

I wish there would of been a boss fight or something rather than running threw 3 towers. I guess The Didact could of lived(which he probably did),and if he did, he’s either on Earth, or teleported some how back to Requiem, or something completely different.

well reqiuim is not his planet, he was imprisoned there. and it is very difficult to survive a grenade to the chest

Well, I think Didact is alive. He fell into the slip space rupture beneath the composer so he may have just ended up wherever that lead to. I have a theory that maybe somehow, Cortana will be the Didacts AI companion in a way? Maybe? That’d be crazy…

Also, here’s a hope I have; the UNSC and/or Halsey try to give Chief a new AI - maybe a new Cortana(?) -and he just loses it, and we see a side of the Chief we’ve never seen before. That’d be pretty cool and moving.

Also, I loved how much emotion Steve Downes was able to portray for the Chief by voice alone, and the motion actor did an amazing job too. My friend put it this way; “I swear, Chief shows more emotion in this game then Kristen Stewart has in any of her movies.” Pretty funny, and true.

I think that since they have finally felt the power that the Forerunners posess that the unsc will dive deeper into the mysteries of the Forerunners’ technology. Making new scientific break throughs until one of there tests, either goes horribly wrong or they had no idea what they were about to do, brings back or summons the Precursors. Now as the Forerunners successors the human race will have to defeat the Precursors just as the Forerunners did. All this leading up to the human race becoming basically what the Forerunners were, Guardians of the Universe.

Anyone remember the cutscene when it showed the humans fleeing before they were unjustly punished by the Forerunners? I’m thinking that armour mixed with our Mjolnir suits. Think about it, a grand clash between the two most powerful forces in the universe. The Arbiter could even return and the Sanghelli help the UNSC to combat the Precursors. A battle of epic scale. A Halo game to rule all others. Halo 4 has already shown interest in more exotic levels (Broadsword, Pelican) They could expand on this. Halo 4 campaign requires strategy, but that of a one man show but this Halo 5 would be a war. Explosions flying, enemies everywhere, and we could still have those one man army levels that the other Halo games have. Not to toot my own horn but I think this is a great idea and I would really like to see it come to life. Anybody else think this is a good story idea or do you just think I’m delusional and that this would make the worst Halo game ever?

Has anyone given any though to the part where humans bring a pelican to the city that was hit by the Composer firing on Earth? What happened to these people, were they already composed into Knights? If so, where are they now? On Earth? Requiem? Or did they get stored in the Composer / the huge dude-looking ship to be formed into Knights at a later time? I’m kinda hoping they’re on earth, and there will be a huge -Yoink- war down there now.

I’m also kinda surprised if a human nuke is powerful enough to destroy the 2nd most advanced and powerful forerunner creations in the series, only second to the Halo arrays as far as I know. The geometry of the composer is fortunately compact; just a blast wave shouldn’t be able to break it appart unless it hits in a sweet spot / angle considering who made it, imo. But I’m guessing it’s gonna be destroyed in canon.

As for the reclamation, I believe he is referring to that it’s time for the forerunners - in other words the Didact alone - to reclaim the mantle. Indeed, there has got to be a clone of him or something around somewhere. Or he’s just gonna go back to being alive because he’s ascended (just like Anubis does in Stargate, which has a tremendous amount of similarities / rip offs in Halo).

Blue team needs to show up at one point, it’s the only way that John will be whole again, now that Cortana is gone.

Cortana will be back. Go read some of the Cortana posts here. All evidence shows she is not gone and is still “alive”. (Most likely coming back as a human)

Even if she does come back as a person, it wouldn’t be the same. She won’t be constantly in his head anymore, and they won’t see each other much with the war going on. Blue Team is extremely important, they need to appear in the games.

> Even if she does come back as a person, it wouldn’t be the same. She won’t be constantly in his head anymore, and they won’t see each other much with the war going on. Blue Team is extremely important, they need to appear in the games.

Yes, but being away from each other is better than being dead isn’t it? If Cortana’s only option was to be human I don’t think she would pass it up.