Halo 4: Emblems

I was playing Reach last night and was looking at the emblems and I thought, they’re kinda of cheesey. lol.

Firstly, how cool would it be to unlock certain super sweet emblems for doing harder achievments in the game.

I’ve always thought that the symbols were a little weak. I like to draw, paint and all that artistic stuff.

Example: the skull or the pirate face and street cone. I would like to see the artistic value and creativity put into the emblems.

If we have a skull, go all out with it. Don’t just put a plain skull, put a snake going through the eyes or something.

Possibly, something like an atomic mushroom cloud or two revolvers crossed, a storm cloud with some lighting to toggle of and on; get what I mean?

Just give the emblems some bawls!
And if its going to “girly” do like a rose then a flame to toggle on and off.

Does anyone have any great emblem ideas??

Well considering you can get emblems for pre-ordering (and I think in the LE, not so sure on that though), it’s definitely a possibility, maybe through Waypoint or something? And they could be for other games in the series too, for example; completing ODST on Legendary gets you the Helljumper emblem. It’s definitely a good idea rewarding the players for their dedication to the series.

Meh, I’ve used this through all the halo games, and I don’t intend to change now. So although I don’t care for “super sweet emblems”, I agree that some emblems need to be more exciting.

You can get emblems through specializations.

There’s a -Yoinking!- nun-chuck wielding unicorn!

I thought the emblems were exactly the same as Reach’s? With the addition of others through rank and LE.

I saw a video with Frankie going through emblems, and they practically are all Reach emblems.

You can unlock Emblems through progression now. For instance, after you reach max rank, if you specialize a certain way, you unlock an emblem representative of that specialization.