Halo 4 Doubles Tournament - Free to enter

I’m hosting a Halo 4 Doubles (2v2) Tournament that is free to enter, with a 1st place prize on the 28th, that’s only 3 days away! Winners will receive 2x Xbox 360 Custom Controller Skins made of silicon. These are red, black, and white camo skinned.

To find out all the details and who to contact visit the Ambush Events website at:


There you can find the rules, prizes, start time etc.

Team captains must friend request ‘Ambush Events’ on Xbox Live, and send a message stating their team name and teammate.

All gametypes and maps can be downloaded from the Fileshare of ‘Nadestraight’

Prizes only go out to EU competitors, but anyone can enter for the fun of it!

Good luck!