Halo 4 dosen't have to start off from chief's perspective

So i was thinking what if halo 4 started on a military base on earth, normal actvity would be going on then all of a sudden someone would yell “We just recived a beaken from the foward onto dawn” (blah blah blah more dramatic talking) and then they decide to send one of thier last spartans (perhaps jun or a new spartan), they also contact the coviedent rebels (the arbiter and the shipmaster (forget his name) to help them find survivors (these could be our three other 3 co-op partners) and they would finally go to the planet, kick -Yoink- and all that awesome stuff.

so what do you think ? (remember im just throwing ideas around)

Well it wouldn’t really make sense to do that.

Chief would still be the main character but it would start by showing you whats happened in the galaxy since halo 3

sounds… generic and uninspring. Plus I’m pretty sure the writes over at 343i HQ have got it all figured out. (i could be wrong though)

> sounds… generic and uninspring. Plus I’m pretty sure the writes over at 343i HQ have got it all figured out. (i could be wrong though)

True they are the experts just wanted to put it out there

s not the worst idea ive ever heard but im thinking cutscenes would handle it better. the co-op part sounds interesting though

I would like a dark and atmospheric feel right from the start. Have the game be purely Chief’s perspective, like Halo 1. Start it with him being awoken by Cortana in Forward Unto Dawn; very atmospheric music, etc. She’s woken him because the planet is pulling them in. THEN the rescue ship comes and get the Forward Unto Dawn, but gets pulled in with the ship. So the rescue team and Chief are all trapped on the inside.

I don’t know. I’ll just wait to see how 343 has handled it.


halo 4 is the master chef’s journey in a new place against new enemies. it just wouldn’t work with a tie in to earth and the UNSC(or the flood or the covenant).

I would love it if we played as an ODST in the second level (the first level being a tutorial of MC being on the ship as it crashes). Or maybe Arby.

Why not use the work Bungie did in ODST and Halo 2?

There were 3 ships approaching the hole. Which means backup. There were purple ships (possible covenant hint???) idk lets discuss?

I would rather have Halo 4 be only about John, and have the UNSC only show up in the late-game as allies.

You got a point there but they could be just old abandoned ships that driffted there way twoards the planet.

I actually do think it will be a split campaign with one side where you play as a S-IV aboard the Infinty and the other as master chief on the supposedly-Forerunner planet. That would allow for one side to be closer to ground and more “Halo”, what this side’s enemy will be I have no idea, and the other side being MC as he explores the planet-thing and uncovers an ancient secret. Think about it… If it was just MC it would take a painstakingly long time 'till the action begins as they have to introduce a whole new enemy which we don’t know how to fight, who they are, what they are and all that. That would be good too, but I doubt it a little bit. Another piece of evidence for my theory is that in the concept art two different planets are seen: The Legendary Planet- all metallic and alien on the inside, and a green planet that is definitely a different planet. Why would 343i make such a big deal of the LP if we would leave it right away for another planet? Considering the infinity is shown orbiting a similar planet- I suspect the story to take place on both plantes and through bothh characters- with the MC story being more vast and alone and the Inffinity story being more action packed and closer to ground. I think that, eventually, the stories will merge and we will play through the chief for the rest of the game.

…Just a thought

I guess we might find out this Saturday :slight_smile:

To be honest this doesn’t seem like a very good idea, no offense.

Beaken = Beacon

Coviedent = Covenant