Halo 4 DLC Achievments not unlocking

I have recently been trying to get the dlc achievments again since I finally get to play my dlc maps again since the playlist is temporary for some odd reason. Some acheivments are not unlocking for me and for some of my friends. And I know I should have these acheivments because I have done he requarement over 3 times. The glitched achievments for me are Bird of Prey, Hello Nurse!, and Bigfoot. This really makes me mad because these are the last dlc achievments I need. And I only have a chance to get them again until July 7. Which really upsets me because I spent my money to get these maps and I hardly ever get to play them. MAKE TEAM DLC AND BIG TEAM DLC PERMANENT PLAYLIST PLEASE! And do an update to fix the acheivments because I know this is happening to a lot of people too.

Yeah, it has been a problem for almost a year now. It has to do with the champions update and it is affecting most cumulative achievements. There isn’t much anyone can really do other than wait for a fix.

Please post in the Official Achievement issue thread: