Halo 4 DLC Achievements

I booted up Halo 4 the other night and as soon as I hit the start menu, I saw that I had unlocked about 6 or 7 of the DLC achievements. I know that the bulletin stated that they fixed the bugs associated with these achievements, but I thought that meant we could now unlock them normally, not that it would be unlocked the second I started up Halo. Can anyone clear this up?

The “solution” to fixing the glitches achievements was to just gift all owners of the first 3 DLC’s all the achievements from these DLC’s.

That’s slightly disappointing. It would’ve been fun trying to get those achievements.

Bueno yo tenia un logro “Bugeado” ya lo habia echo desde los primeros dias del DLC pero me agrado mucho que arreglaran el problema de esta manera.

UPPING MY RANK :smiley: and i dont like buy DLCS for unlock new archivaments D;

Thanks for the info. I too was wondering why I popped about 10 achievements.



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