Halo 4 disconnects

So Halo 4 seems to want to go to Black Screen lately and disconnect, even going as far as having the dreaded Stopped Clock where all the physics are now broken in game. I know 343 just recently got the servers back online and working, but I think that they need to do a bit more investigated research and figure out how to stabilize games a bit better. If anyone has this issue or knows more please feel free to post. I’m trying to get 343 to look into this. Edit. If anyone also cares to see a little bit of proof look for my 2 video uploads 10/3/2018 on Xbox One GT zvenom91

I’ve got some severe problems with Halo 4 including xbox one menu.

  1. After I’ve started Halo 4 (360 version) on my xbox one the xbox one menu goes nuts and I’m not able to navigate anymore. 360 menu works fine though.
  2. About 75% of the time I log in with 4 players I lose connection to the servers.

This is definitely annoying…