Halo 4 Disappointing

So far I have completed halo 4 and their is only 8 missions im disappointed with this as in halo 3 their was at least 10+ missions the their is no forge maps build for forge I played halo 3 when i was 7 and i loved the custom games i had played over 3000 of them as it said on my service record im now 13 and very sad to think the memories i had playing halo 3 will not be recreated in halo 4 as i have seen you cannot create custom game types i have searched to make them just for proof of my memories coming back the online is very good but i do not think halo 4 was successful i fell as if 343 industries has rushed it thanks for reading

what do u think was better halo 4 or halo 3

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4 destroys 3.

That is my opinion.

> Puts on flame suit
> 4 destroys 3.
> That is my opinion.

i agree with this 100%

its an emotional experience that throws you into to the extended lore, with enough gameplay changes to keep things fresh and interesting. i would say its a major step forward, and is honestly my favorite halo to date.

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Each of the 8 missions is longer so that it is only slightly less than Halo 3’s length IMO

There are actually 3 maps made just for forging, ‘Impact’ ‘Ravine’ and ‘Erosion’

Go to Infinity- Wargames-Custom games- and from there you can create your own custom game types, press Y to save them

343i took almost 4 years to build Halo 4, and it was most certainly not rushed compared to other Halo titles

And in My opinion Halo 4 is much better, but I still play Halo 3 for nostalgia occasionally : )

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> the their is no forge maps build for forge


I just feel like all my memories are gone i used to love playing halo 3 and now bubble shields are gone and trip mines and all that awesome gear all gone the vehicles are gone like the chopper and the prowler theirs no unsc flight no custom games i dont like it :frowning:

halo 4s campaign was by far the shortest in the series, however the quality of it was better than halo 3s.

3 maps were built for forge. ravine, impact, and erosion.

halo 4 was obviously not rushed, you can tell just from looking at the damn thing.

dont get me wrong halo 3 is better than halo 4, but not for the reasons stated.

Halo 4. Halo 3 was good in its day… I can’t finish this comment, I did not like Halo 3 very much.

Give it up, I already explained everything once to OP, he just didn’t listen.

I loved Halo 3. However, Halo 4 beats it by leaps and bounds.

I do think halo 4 is a great game and enjoy it more than 3 but reach had more options for custom games and game types, I hope 343 realise how important some of the absent options are and patch them asap. Didnt see why they had to remove anything, it would have been better to just add more variables, not remove them.

The campaign being short is actually a good sign, this means 343 are not those kind of developer’s who make unneccesary mission’s just to make it longer. (What is the word i am looking for?)
The only part i was dissapointed at Halo 4 was that some gametypes and features have been removed from the game but it is understandable since they are working with a 7 year old hardware but they may add those features in the future.

Does anyone have a spare flamesuit? since im gonna say this: 343 destroyed Bungie, in a good way.

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Halo 3 was FAR better than 4. the campaign in 4 felt tedious and repetitive, I dont see myself ever playing just for the fun of it.

IMo, Halo 3 > Halo 4.

I’m quite disappointed with it’s competitiveness (less skill) and Custom Games settings.
This doesn’t change the fact that Halo 4 is easily an amazing and outstanding game and is definitely a step in a good direction after Reach.

heres a big thread full of complaints about the custom game options. check it out.