Halo 4 Dew XP tokens disappearing

Hello, I had around 30 something (I can check the exact number on the dew xp website) tokens last night when I hit the xp cap. Now I have 2 remaining. I did play while I was under the cap, but why were my tokens used? I really don’t get this at all. Any way I can get them refunded, since I did technically pay money for them. Thanks!

I know they’re working on this. Talked to bsangel about it. Hopefully they’ll devise a fix with the patch that awards double xp tokens lost via “capped” gameplay. I’m sure there’s a way to do it.

For each day:
IE, detect # of XP matches applied.
Detect # of XP matches when XP limit reached.
When XP limit is reset, detect # of XP matches at that point in time.
If # detected is less than the # of matches detected when the XP limit hit the day before, add the difference to the player’s double XP match count.

Rinse and repeat for all days up to this point in time for each gamer tag that detects double XP.

For a fix, simply have the system refuse to subtract double xp tokens after the XP limit is reached.

Overall, it’s a “simple” fix. Simple in overall theory. Is likely more difficult than simple, albeit still possible and overall - doable. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to a fix. :smiley:

That was actually informative. Thanks! Kinda expected a troll to pop in, but I guess these forums are actually pretty troll free.

Ive lost at least 30 rounds of double xp to this myself. I really get the feeling we are never going to be compensated or get a proper fix.To make matters worse they flat out lied in the bulletin