Halo 4 - Day After Impressions

So now that I’ve had Halo 4 for a day, I’ve gotten enough experience to make my initial impression of the game. While by no means comprehensive, here is a list of things I noticed:

  • Promethean enemies are not fun to fight. They’re basically big, stupid Elites that just tank a ton of damage.

  • The Warthog sound is laughable. It sounds like tin cans being fed through a lawnmower.

  • Promethean weapons, with the exception of the Incendiary Cannon and Light Rifle are worthless. Their UNSC counterparts are so much better - I would rather throw rocks than use the Promethean Grenades.

  • The music is just all wrong. Halo is not about “subtle” ambiance - get us some percussion and bass and drum beat up in here.

  • The weapon sounds are good though.


  • Instant Respawn needs to be out of King of the Hill.

  • Promethean Vision is by far the best AA - it needs a much shorter range.

  • The DMR is best non-power weapon in the game, bar none. Unless you get them in CQC with the AR, the DMR beats every single other rifle at all ranges.

  • Jackels look kind of silly, not going to lie.

  • Thrust pack is pointless. You can cover the same distance, in the same amount of time by just walking - and you don’t lose control to do it.

  • Its very pretty.

  • The multiplayer maps are much better designed.

  • Custom games need more options - and the X marker over someone’s dead body needs to come back.