Halo 4 Daily XP Cap

How do I know if I have reached my daily XP cap? I have achieved XP from different Challenges on different days for the past few days and still have not seen them reflected on my account. What is the point of putting up Challenges and Commendations if players won’t receive the XPs?

I think it is fair to place a meter on the dashboard, so I can know when to stop wasting my time. I don’t get many chances to play, so when I spend a total of 4 hours this weekend playing, I would like to know it was not for naut.

XP Limit on Halo 4 dashboard please with real-time updates PLEASE!!!

When you’ve reached your Daily XP cap, you’ll receive a lobby in the menus telling you so.

If that is the case, I haven’t received one and I haven’t been seeing the achieved XP credits.

Halo 4 admins should be able to tell me why I don’t see my XP credits or when do they get added?

If you aren’t earning XP at all it’s possible you’re XP banned in which case you’ll want this thread.

I can’t be banned because I am not an avid Halo player. So there has to be another explanation. Halo Admins should be able to see my records and realize I don’t play much.

SR-130 here. Perma capped in other words.

I hope they throw Reach’s ranks on top of the 130 so the challenges at least have a point.

I still need to find out where my XP points are going. Can someone check my Halo 4 account?
I really don’t play Halo games; this one I am actually making the effort to play. My Service Records show that I spend little time on either release.

Did you recently complete a specialization?

No I haven’t completed a specialization. I am still SR-33!
What does this mean if I haven’t completed a specialization?

OK, so I certain I am not having a Daily Cap. I average around 6-12K XP a day depending on how many matches I play. I hear the limit is 150K. How am I now seeing the Commendations or Challenge points apply to my points needed to level up? During the match I get the notification that I completed whatever with such XP; however, at the end of said match, I don’t see the points being applied.

Why is that? Where or when are these XPs applied?