Halo 4 Customs Tournament *With Prizes*

I will be hosting a Custom Game Tournament on Saturday December 28 (Date may be moved but this is most probable date). There will be prizes as following:

1st – 15 Games of Double XP (One mega code, one normal code)
2nd – 6 Games of Double XP (Two Normal Codes)
3rd – 3 Games of Double XP (One Normal Code)

There will be two tournaments that day, the First starts at 12:00 Central Time
the second will start 4:00 Central Time. Note: The actually gameplay might not last 4 hours.

There will be a mix of casual and competitve game types ranging from original regicide to games like racing. The top scoring person on the winning team gets a point. The three people with the highest amount of points at the end will recieve prizes. You must download and recommend at least 3 of my maps and 3 of my gametypes to join.

List of Gametypes/Maps that will be played. (Any of these can be downloaded from my Fileshare and played at an earlier time for practice.)My XBL Gamertag is: Deceitful Echo.

1.Splattertastic / Splattertastic
2.Alone / In the Fog
3.Regicide* / Drainage
4.Snipers / Asteroid Shootout
5.King of the Banshee* / King of the Banshee
6.The Square / The Square
7.Hill Top / Maze
8.Ram / Headfirst
9.Castle Defense / Castle Defense
10.King of the Hill / Reactor
11.Stuck / Stuck
12.Dominion / Obselete
13.Zombie House / Zombie House
14.Zombie Slide / Zombie Slide
15.Racing / G Force
16.Swat / Relay
17.Slayer / Settlers
18.Extraction / Haven
19.Dominion / Ascent
20.Flood / Adrift

*May be set to Teams
Note: Not all of these may be played in the Tournament, some gametypes might change on the premade maps.

Please comment your XBL Gamertag and if you can come or not. Also comment if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions. (Please do not Suggest Maps or Gametypes)